Daily Archives: January 20, 2016

Are you going around the 2nd bend? How to make a good impression.

The key to good fitting custom earmoulds and hearing protection, ITE and CIC hearing aids are accurate ear impressions. Its important to know when you’ve inserted your otostop deep enough down the canal, and that the otostop is pointed in the direction of the eardrum.  A good, deep impression means getting to the 2nd bend of the ear canal. Some tell-tale signs that you’ve reached the 2nd bend include a characteristic slip of the otostop into position which often coincides with slight resistance as it enters the bony portion of the canal. When you look on otoscopy, you will see that the […]

Taking Ear Impressions of babies and children? What’s different?

There are many anatomical differences between the ears of adults and children. For example, children’s ear canals tend to be narrower and straighter. This means you need to consider the equipment you use, for example the size and width of your syringe and the size of your otostop. As babies’ ear canals grow rapidly in the first year of life, you may need to change your equipment as the baby gets older, so you will need to use your judgement on otoscopy. The best view on otoscopy can be obtained by pulling the ear back only in children, since their […]