Audiology Courses UK

Tracy James provides British Society of Audiology (BSA) certificate and tailor-made training courses in the field of Audiology. This includes BSA certificate courses in otoscopy and impression-taking (adults and paeds), and  BSA certificate courses in audiometry and tympanometry. Courses include both practical and theory and can be undertaken either in-house at your place of work, or at a venue in Berkshire. Lecture seminars and workshops can also be provided by Tracy James up to Masters’ Level.

Delegates include professionals working in the music and noise-protection industry, health care professionals, army audiology, assistant audiologists, nurse practitioners, occupational health workers, nurses, GPs, ENT consultants, hearing aid dispensers, trainee and qualified audiologists.

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Occupational Health Training – Audiometry Courses

Tracy James provides training for Occupational Health Workers/Therapists and Occupational Audiologists who work within occupational audiology and who require skills in audiometry. The British Society of Audiology (BSA) accredits both of Tracy James courses in Surveillance Audiometry (formally Industrial Audiometry)  and the Basic Audiometry and Tympanometry course. Both courses are designed for people with no or limited background knowledge or training in audiology. The surveillance audiometry course is tailored to those carrying out hearing tests in the work place for employees undergoing hearing surveillance, and includes noise management and hearing protection. The basic audiometry and tympanometry course is more detailed, and may be more useful for those working alongside or within a health-based profession (e.g.  assistant audiologists, nurses or  GPs).  Both audiometry courses teach individuals how to carry out hearing tests according to the BSA recommended procedure. Practical and theoretical competency for this skill is assessed before a certificate is obtained. It is also possible to obtain your audiometry and tympanometry certificate separately. See audiometry training course here.

Ear Impression Taking

Ear impression taking needs to be carried out for many reasons. Most commonly in the NHS or private hearing aid dispensing ear impressions are required to create ear moulds for hearing aids. However, ear impressions are also required for custom made swim plugs, musician’s ear plugs and custom hearing protection. In order to make the best product available, a good accurate impression is imperative. The ear impression courses will teach you how to take impressions safely and according to the BSA recommended procedure. You will be provided with practical time and knowledge to make sure that your impression reaches the second bend of the ear canal. See ear impression courses available.

Why Tracy James ?

Tracy James provides high quality training, by constantly maintaining  and developing knowledge in up to date research, teaching methods, policy and practice. Tracy James is the lead trainer and has several years experience in teaching within Higher Education.

Accredited courses may be required by your personal liability insurance company to carry out impressions or audiometry testing in your field. An accredited course is also recommended by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for those being trained to test hearing in the workplace. Tracy James has a selection of  ear impression and audiometry courses accredited by the BSA available.

Tracy James offers Audiology training courses in  Newbury, Berkshire. Tracy James also delivers courses in-house nationwide in the UK and internationally, for larger numbers of delegates, saving money on travel and time costs to businesses. See in-house training and prices for more information.

See audiology training courses for the range of training courses offered which includes BSA certificate courses, that have been accredited by the British Society of Audiology. Tracy James will also provide tailor made training courses within the Audiology Sector. Contact us for any other queries or regarding the tailor-made courses using the contact form or email

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