Training Courses

BSA Certificate in Impression-Taking (Adults) – 1 day

£295 per person

Suitable for health workers, assistant or associate audiologists or those who work with earpieces in the music or noise-protection industry. This 1-day BSA accredited course will train delegates to:

  • Undertake otoscopy and impression-taking safely (on individuals over 5 years) and according to BSA procedure
  • Recognise conditions of the ear and refer accordingly
  • Recognise responsibility to adhere to scope of practice and insurance/liability
  • Communicate effectively with clients and/or their families/carers
  • Arrange for earmould manufacture and maintain accurate records of procedure

A certificate will be awarded upon full attendance of the course, with successful completion of both the written and practical assessment on the day, or as homework

BSA Certificate in Impression-Taking (paediatrics/under 5 yrs) – 1 day

£295 per person

Available to qualified audiologists or those who have completed the BSA impression-taking course (over 5 years) and will be required to take impressions on children (under 5 years) in their work environment. Delegates will need an agreed supervisor to continue training/supervision in their work environment.

This 1-day BSA accredited course will include:

  • A review of individual impression-taking techniques to BSA standards
  • Anatomical and physical differences associated with children in relation to otoscopy, impression-taking and mould choice.
  • Interaction with care givers and children, including appropriate brace positions
  • Demonstration and practice with different types of equipment appropriate for use with young children
  • Earmould manufacture contracts and impression-taking requirements for children according to national guidelines.

A certificate will be awarded upon full attendance of the course, with successful completion of both the practical assessment on the day, and evidence of competency under supervised practice in their work environment.

BSA Certificate Course in Audiometry and / or Tympanometry – 1-3 days 

£595 per person – Audiometry and Tympanometry (Days 1-3)

£475 per person – Audiometry only (Days 1-2)

£275 per person – Tympanometry only (Day 3)

Suitable for healthcare employees who are not qualified audiologists and are required undertake routine audiometry. Typical delegates include occupational health workers, assistant or associate audiologists, Teachers of the Deaf, GPs and nurses.

This 3-day BSA course will enable you to:

  • Perform otoscopy reliably and according to BSA recommended procedure
  • Undertake air conduction and bone conduction audiometry (without masking) according to BSA recommended procedure
  • Undertake tympanometry according to BSA recommended procedure
  • Carry out Stage A checks and understand the requirements for calibration of equipment
  • Operate a sound level meter and measure ambient noise levels
  • Interpret results and findings, recording results
  • Communicate results and findings to other professionals

A certificate will be awarded upon full attendance of the course, with successful completion of both the practical and written assessment

BSA Certificate Surveillance Audiometry – 2 days 

£475 per person

This course was formally known as Industrial Audiometry. Suitable for occupational health workers and occupational health nurses who carry out audiometry in the industry setting. This 2 day training course will cover both screening and manual audiometry techniques according to BSA standards within a health surveillance programme. It will include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the ear
  • Otoscopy and health questionnaires
  • Screening and manual audiometry – BSA procedure
  • Noise induced hearing loss
  • Health Surveillance programmes
  • HSE requirements in the workplace setting
  • Noise protection and noise management in industry
  • Onward referrals and action level requirements

A certificate will be awarded upon attendance on the course and completion of a practical and written assessment

Masking in Audiometry – 1 day

£225 per person

Suitable for audiologists or hearing aid dispensers who carry out audiometry routinely in their role. This 1 day training course will review the 3 rules of masking used during pure tone audiometry according to BSA procedures. It will include:

  • Theory of cross hearing and inter-aural attenuation
  • How and when to employ masking as part of routine audiometry
  • How to create a masking chart and grid
  • Symbols used in masking, and how to record your masking appropriately
  • Example audiograms and interpretation of masking charts
  • Practice audiometry  and masking on each other / simulate

Tailor-made Audiology Courses

Tailor-made training courses can be offered for the following:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the ear
  • Otoscopy
  • Audiometry
  • Tympanometry
  • Masking
  • Speech testing

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