Masking in Audiometry

1 day course – £250  per person

Suitable for audiologists or hearing aid dispensers who carry out audiometry routinely in their role. This 1 day training course will review the 3 rules of masking used during pure tone audiometry according to BSA procedures (please see information below regarding Masking rule 3).

This course will cover the following: 

    • Theory of cross hearing and inter-aural attenuation
    • How and when to employ masking as part of routine audiometry
    • How to create a masking chart and grid
    • Symbols used in masking, and how to record your masking appropriately
    • Example audiograms and interpretation of masking charts
    • Practice audiometry and masking on each other / simulated.

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Masking Rule 3: This is the rule that many people scratch their head over, mainly because it can be difficult to see, but also because it doesn’t come up that often (and generally only in more complex cases). Therefore, if you’re used to testing routine cases you may not have to think about rule 3 very much. That’s why it’s good to refresh your knowledge so that you don’t miss it when it does come along. Completing rule 3 means that your hearing test will be more accurate; the end result may affect your diagnosis and also your hearing aid prescription. Read more here.