Otoscopy & Impression Taking (Adults)

BSA Certificate in Otoscopy & Impression Taking (Adults)

Suitable for health workers, assistant or associate audiologists or those who work with earpieces in the music or noise-protection industry. This 1-day BSA accredited course will train delegates to:

    • Undertake otoscopy and impression-taking safely (on individuals over 5 years) and according to BSA procedure
    • Recognise conditions of the ear and refer accordingly
    • Recognise responsibility to adhere to scope of practice and insurance/liability
    • Communicate effectively with clients and/or their families/carers
    • Arrange for earmould manufacture and maintain accurate records of procedure
  • To undertake otoscopy and impression-taking safely and according to BSA procedure
  • To recognise conditions of the ear and refer accordingly
  • To recognise responsibility to adhere to scope of practice and insurance/liability
  • To communicate effectively with clients and/or their families/carers, including those with hearing impairment
  • To arrange for earmould manufacture and maintain accurate records of procedure

Frequently Asked Questions

On what dates is TJ Audiology Training running this course?
We run this course frequently throughout the year. Please refer to our  training calendar  for dates. 

Where does the course take place?
The course takes place at our training location at Sonic Labs in Newbury, West Berkshire. (more info below) 

Am I suitable to undertake the course?
In order to undertake impression-taking you need to be comfortable with touching other peoples’ ears, gaining close proximity to patients, good dexterity and eyesight. Some people who are long-sighted or wear bi/varifocal glasses can find otoscopy / depth perception more difficult, so this is something to consider. However, most people with glasses do find their own technique that works for them, so that otoscopy is safe and natural. In all cases, you must be able to act professionally with due care and hygiene. Also see ‘scope of practice’ above.

Do I need to prepare for the course?
You will be sent some pre-course reading material to bring with you on the day. You will also be provided with course material handouts and presentations electronically. It would also be a good idea to have your ears checked by an audiologist / GP / ENT consultant prior to the course to ensure that they are free of wax. This is to ensure that, where possible, all delegates can take part in the practical sessions.

Do I need insurance?
Yes, following the course and when you take impressions supervised or unsupervised. Your employer should be able to tell you if you are insured and, if appropriate whether they will pay for your insurance. When working as an independent, or in a non-clinical environment you will need personal and professional liability insurance for taking impressions. The insurance company normally requires a BSA certificate of practice, or other specified qualification prior to taking out your cover. Within the training session itself on the day, you will be covered by TJ Audiology Training insurance.

How will I be assessed?
You will be assessed on your practical technique in otoscopy and impression-taking. We understand that this may be the first time you have practiced the technique, so we are not looking for perfect impressions every time. However, you must be able to carry out the procedure according to BSA guidelines in a manner that is safe, and consistently so. We ask for you to critique your impressions and understand what you would do differently next time. A theoretical assessment will either be carried out on the day, or as homework.

Will I need to take part in the practice sessions?
We like (if possible) for all delegates to take part in the practical sessions, so that you can practice on each other. All delegates will have their ears checked on the day to ensure that their ears are safe for impression-taking. All those undertaking practice will have developed a safe technique on rubber ears, before moving onto real ears. When practicing on real ears, all delegates will be under close supervision. You will be asked to fill out a consent form for other delegates to practice the technique on you. Consent can be withdrawn at any time, either verbally or in writing. Do let us know if you think you will not be able / do not consent to take part in the practice sessions, so that this can be prepared for.

What if I don’t pass the course?
As the courses are small, with lots of one-to-one attention, most delegates are able to pass the course. However, in the event that you don’t pass either the theoretical or practical component of the course, you cannot be awarded the certificate. It is at the examiners discretion whether the delegate can undergo another attempt at the practical or theoretical exam. Repeat assessment may result in extra charges.

Once I am awarded the certificate – what happens next?
Competency in impression-taking can only be maintained with continuing practice and review. We recommend that you start out practicing with supervision (remote or direct) until you feel confident in carrying out impressions without supervision. At all times you should be aware and adhere to your scope of practice (see above). The BSA recommends that, following the certificate, you should have updates in impression-taking at least every two years.

Are there any other training courses I can do?
TJ Audiology Training also offer the following courses:

  • Impression Taking (Under 5’s)
  • Basic Audiometry and/or Tympanometry
  • Surveillance Audiometry
  • Wax Removal (Aural Care)
  • Masking in Audiometry 

Puretone Impression Kit

We are proud to partner with Puretone, the UK’s market leader in audiological equipment supplies. Their impression kit has everything you need to take ear impressions and perfect for students and experts alike.

The Puretone Impression Kit Contains:

Impression syringe, Heine Minilux otoscope (with tips), earlight, foam blocks, 660g impression material, hardener and dosing spoon, all contained in a carry case.

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Sonic Labs

Our Otoscopy & Impression Taking courses now take place at Sonic Labs in Newbury. Sonic Labs is an independent manufacturer of premium quality earmoulds supplying the NHS and private dispensers across the UK.

Sonic Labs is based in Kingfisher Court, on Hambridge Road in Newbury. Their premises consists of an extensive refurbished laboratory with dedicated work stations focussed on each stage of earmould production, plus a modern administrative office, training room and separate quality control area and storage facilities.

We’re delighted to have the opportunity to offer our Otoscopy & Impression Taking training courses at Sonic Labs and Louise feels that it is the perfect training environment for this course.