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We provide you here with some information about cookies generally used and those used particularly on our Web Site. By continuing to use the Site we assume that you accept our use of cookies terms, which enable us to improve your experience when using the Site.


A computer “cookie” is a small piece of information that is stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive or temporarily in your computer’s memory. We use temporary cookies to identify your current request when you make another request in the same search. These cookies are not stored permanently on your computer’s hard drive and are erased when you close your browser. We also use permanently stored on your hard drive, for example to track your research habit what helps us to provide you with best results. We also use Geographic Location Tracking to provide as close as it possible results for your local location.

Most browsers will usually allow you to change the settings of your browser so that it does not accept cookies but if you do this it may impair the operation of the Site giving you less accurate search results. Learn more about cookies, or read the procedures to turn off cookies within your browser.

No personal data such as your name, address, telephone number or email address is collected by, or shared with any third party. The information collected through the tracking technology is not directly attributable to you; it is simply aggregated so that the website can provide you with the best search results.

On 25th May 2011 a number of amendments were made to the EU’s Electronic Communications Framework — a directive that includes guidelines on the use of cookies on websites. The section of the directive dealing with cookies was drawn up in an attempt to protect privacy and, in particular, to administer the use of behavioural advertising. Behavioural advertising is a way of serving advertisements on websites you visit and making them more relevant to you and your interests. For more information please go to – the guide to online behavioural advertising and privacy. This website is operated in compliance with Advertising Service Authority (ASA) – the UK industry body for online advertising. On ASA website you’ll find information about how behavioural advertising works, how to opt out, further information about cookies and the steps you can take to protect your privacy on the internet.


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