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Audiometry and tympanometry for professionals who are not qualified audiologists

A hearing test (audiometry) measures the quietest sound and individual can hear, at least 50% of the time – known as hearing threshold level (HTL). An individual’s HTL at different frequencies is recorded in an audiogram for each ear, and this information can be used to categorise hearing as within normal range, or a hearing loss that can range from mild to profound. Otoscopy and tympanometry is used alongside audiometry to identify any abnormalities of the middle ear that may be affecting the hearing, e.g. perforation or glue ear. In hospitals and hearing aid dispensing practices, audiometry and tympanometry is […]

Are you going around the 2nd bend? How to make a good impression.

Good fitting custom earmoulds and hearing protection, ITE and CIC hearing aids can only be created from accurate impressions. The key is having the confidence to know when you’ve inserted your otostop deep enough down the canal, and to point the otostop in the direction of the eardrum. A good, deep impression means getting to the 2nd bend of the ear canal. Some tell-tale signs that you’ve reached the 2nd bend include a characteristic slip of the otostop into position which often coincides with slight resistance as it enters the bony portion of the canal. When you look on otoscopy, […]