BSA Certificate in Basic Audiometry and Tympanometry

Basic Audiometry and Tympanometry – 3 days – £695 per person

Basic Audiometry – 2 days – £575 per person 

Tympanometry – 1 day – £350 per person

Suitable for healthcare employees who are not qualified audiologists and are required undertake routine audiometry and/or tympanometry. Typical delegates include occupational health workers, assistant or associate audiologists, Teachers of the Deaf, GPs and nurses.

This BSA course will enable you to:

    • Perform otoscopy reliably and according to BSA recommended procedure
    • Undertake air conduction and bone conduction audiometry (without masking) and/or tympanometry and according to BSA recommended procedure
    • Carry out Stage A checks and understand the requirements for calibration of equipment
    • Operate a sound level meter and measure ambient noise levels
    • Interpret results and findings, recording results
    • Communicate results and findings to other professionals

A certificate will be awarded upon full attendance of the course, with successful completion of both the practical and written assessment.

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