BSA Certificate in Impression-Taking (paediatrics)

Impression-taking (paediatrics/under 5 yrs) – 1 day

£295 per person

Available to qualified audiologists or those who have completed the BSA impression-taking course (over 5 years) and will be required to take impressions on children (under 5 years) in their work environment. Delegates will need an agreed supervisor to continue training/supervision in their work environment.

This 1-day BSA accredited course will include:

    • A review of individual impression-taking techniques to BSA standards
    • Anatomical and physical differences associated with children in relation to otoscopy, impression-taking and mould choice.
    • Interaction with care givers and children, including appropriate brace positions
    • Demonstration and practice with different types of equipment appropriate for use with young children
    • Earmould manufacture contracts and impression-taking requirements for children according to national guidelines.

A certificate will be awarded upon full attendance of the course, with successful completion of both the practical assessment on the day, and evidence of competency under supervised practice in their work environment.

Please see our Training Calendar for course date.